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Lab Equipment Repair

Lab Equipment Repair
30th Anniversary of IUL Gravimetric Dilutor
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IUL Instruments commerates the 30th Anniversary of the design, manufacturing and marketing of the first gravimetric dilutor. It was launched under the name 'Dosi Dilutor' receiving it's name from it's ability to dose and highlighting the precision and accuracy of the instrument.

The second dilutor was launched in 1995 with the name 'Delta Dilutor', Delta in recognition of its shape.  Eleven years later the third generation of dilutors was released.

The heart of the IUL's gravimetric dilutors is a weighting cell.  It's functionality allows to monitor the weight continously on the platform and to optimize the liquid dispensing through the discharge pump.

Gravimetric dilutors weigh samples and dispense an accurate amout of liquid, diluting the sample to be analysed, to a configurable dilution factor.  In gravimetric dilutions samples are solid, semi solid, or pasty and are prepared to later determine the number of micro organisms/weight of the sample. 

Smart Dilutor W, IUL's third generation

The third generation of IUL's gravimetric dilutors became the solution for laboratories in need of increasing their sample processing capacity and traceability of their gravimetric dilutions and dispensings.  In this way more precise and accurate results and robustness were acheived.

Currently the Smart Dilutor has evolved to the Smart Dilutor W.  (please contact us for more information)






Lab Equipment Repairs & Refurbishment

The cost of capital equipment can be difficult to budget for and although the equipment may still be functioning, its reliability and performance could be diminishing. Often the basic structure of the equipment is sound but requires the replacement or updating of control or electro-mechanical components. In many cases enclosures and panels can be refurbished, enhancing the aesthetics of the equipment.

Refurbishment of equipment allows for an extended life, less down time, continued performance and offers an economical option where the cost of the replacing the equipment could be used more effectively elsewhere. In addition to bringing the equipment back to its original performance, there is the option of modification to enhance its overall performance. This may include increasing accuracy, addition of a printer or chart recorder, and the measurement of other parameters (temperature, pressure etc).

Safety can never be compromised and new regulations are continually coming into force, refurbishment allows for modifications to be made to ensure the equipment meets current safety regulations. Equipment that fails to meet requirements set by external or internal accreditation could be modified to satisfy these requirements.

Benefits of Refurbishing Equipment

An effective economical option
Reduce maintenance costs
Increases reliability and reduced down time
Enhanced performance
Meet current safety regulations
Meet requirements of accreditation bodies
Opportunity for modifications
Increased equipment longevity
Environmentally friendly

BLC are capable of refurbishing an extensive range of equipment. Below is a list of some of the equipment we are able to cover. If you require refurbishment of equipment not on this list please do not hesitate to contact us:

Autoclaves and Sterilisers
Media Preparators
Petri dish pouring and stacking systems
Spiral Platers