Polystainer Equipment

Polystainer Equipment

PolyStainer - Slide Stainer
( BL90005100 )

PRODUCT OVERVIEW Automating slide staining is a must for labs that wish to increase their yield. The PolyStainer performs standardised staining procedures that free lab staff from labour-intensive staining procedures. General microbiology and histology labs that seek to reduce sample staining workloads will greatly benefit from its use. Up to 20 microscope slides are loaded...

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Polystainer Equipment

Here at Boost Labcare, we are experts in the supply of laboratory equipment, including stainers. Also referred to technically as polystainers, these pieces of equipment are best applied in microbiology and histology laboratories that wish to reduce sample staining workloads.

Laboratory stainers are used to carry out microscope cell staining, which is a technique used to allow better visualisation of cells, and cell parts, under a microscope. Due to the use of different stains, a nucleus or a cell wall can be easier to see. Cells may also be stained to highlight metabolic processes, as well as to differentiate between live and dead cells in a sample.

Lab stainers help to automate the slide staining process, and they can help to increase the yield. By using polystainer equipment as standard for staining procedures, this enables lab staff to focus on other areas, rather than carry out labour-intensive staining procedures without such equipment.

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