Spiral Platers

Eddy Jet 2W Spiral Plater
( BL90003800 )

Spiral Plating has undoubtedly improved the way microbiologists prepare spread plates in busy laboratories.  By eliminating the need for serial dilutions and reducing materials and labour, spiral plating has a real impact on productivity, quality and profitability. With simple, innovative technology, the IUL Eddy Jet 2W revolutionises spiral plating, making a spiral plater an...

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Spiral Platers

When analyzing samples, plating is a long and inefficient process. Up to eight dishes may have to be used, with pipettes and tubes requiring sterilizing between each plating. Besides being a poor use of time and resources, manual plating is unreliable due to the constant potential for cross-contamination.

Thanks to the controllable uniformity of mechanical dispensing, an IUL Eddyjet spiral plater from Boost Labcare can solve these problems in your lab. Spiral platers are machines which automate the process of plating samples, finely controlling the distribution of samples within each dish and the conditions under which they are applied. When you buy spiral plates, you can use them for any samples.

Spiral platers achieve this even distribution by a closely controlled rate of application, and a carefully controlled sweeping motion of the applicator which makes for optimum spacing to promote growth. The Eddy 2 spiral plate machine on this page has been successfully used in a wide range of labs and is a favourite for its reliability and range of 25 computer-controlled spiral distributions.

Some spiral plating devices require frequent disinfection, however the Eddy Jet 2W spiral plater gets around this by using replaceable syringes. These are the only internal consumables required for operation, and this method not only saves time, but also minimizes liquid waste. In order to spread plates, it’s simply a matter of turning the machine on an selecting the options by touchscreen display.

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