Equipment For Inoculation

Equipment for Inoculation

GlowZone Etna
( BLLF001000 )

Infrared Loop Sterilizer - using IR-HotSpot Technology High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing the Smart Way Are you looking for a fast, efficient and flameless product to anneal or sterilise your inocula tion loops and delicate micro instruments? Then our electrical GlowZone Etna should be your first choice. Smart Infrared Light – Instantly Ready to...

£987.71 exc VAT
(£1185.25 inc VAT)

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E-Loop Microincenerator
( BLLF5001000 )

Annealing without flame The electrical sterilistion e-Loop system is most suitable for the sterilisation of inoculation loops, needles and instruments. It is ideal for laboatories and safety cabinets where the use of gas and open flames is not permitted. Robust The sterilising tube, which is made of wear-resistant quatz glass, reaches its optimal temperature of...

£636.55 exc VAT
(£763.86 inc VAT)

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