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Laboratory Freezer

Laboratory Freezers

Many laboratories rely on fridges & freezers for the storage of samples and test substances.  If your laboratory uses this type of equipment, look no further than the specialist apparatus available at Boost Labcare.  We supply all types of laboratory equipment, including high quality refrigeration units.

There are many reasons why laboratories use fridges & freezers.  Most commonly, this is the storage of samples for future use.  This could include biologic or chemical substances, either in preparation for a process or as the final product of a chemical process.  Regardless of the specific needs of your laboratory, one fundamental requirement is always necessary – teams that use laboratory freezers need to know that the units they have will maintain a consist and precisely controlled temperature, without fluctuations or equipment failures.

Laboratory Fridges

Laboratory fridges and freezers are designed with this purpose in mind.  In general terms, the lower the temperature, the lower the chemical and biological activity.  Many substances are rendered effectively inert by low temperatures.  This is why laboratory freezers have such low temperature ranges.  The models that we sell will go to -86°C.  In comparison, domestic freezers usually operate at -18°C and will go to perhaps -25°C.  This colder temperature gives far greater control of substances and chemicals.  Additionally, each unit is designed to maintain a consistent temperature, which is essential for maintaining controlled test conditions.

As well as being ultra low temperature deep freezers, our laboratory fridges and freezers need to ensure that all the samples are maintained equally at this temperature, without variations across the inside of the unit.  For this, we sell equipment installed with DirectFREEZE for labs.  In domestic units, the cooling coils are usually in the back of the unit, but in a DirectFREEZE unit, the cooling coils are located inside the shelves.  This means that the samples are virtually touching the source of refrigeration for the quickest and most consistent cooling.

The temperature control is not the only feature of our refrigeration units.  They are designed to be safe for storing volatile or flammable substances, with spark-free interiors that reduce the risk of explosions or flashes.  Additionally, there is a password protected control system which ensures that the settings cannot be changed by unauthorised users, and a key operated locks on the door handle and mains power switch for complete security.

The units have a computer controlled system that gives the operator complete control.  This includes advanced monitoring, traceability and warning options that ensure that you have complete control of your samples and substances.  Up to ten years of data can be stored in the internal memory of each unit, providing a reliability data storage system.

We are confident that our laboratory fridges & freezers are exactly what you need for your laboratory.  For more information, including enquiries about the specifications or the installation of our range of units, please contact our sales team.  You can do so by using the contact details on the website, or by completing the online enquiry form.