Centrifugation Equipment

Centrifugation Equipment

For preparatory or analytical processes, having ready access to easy-to-use centrifugation equipment is a must in many lab environments.  Joining a waiting list for a communal machine, then having to clean and prep that machine before and after every use, can be the cause of hold-ups and inconvenience.  Now, when it comes to centrifugation lab grade equipment doesn't have to be restricted by price.

If you make regular use of a centrifuge lab equipment prices may feel like a constant bugbear which make your job harder than it needs to be.  But at Boost Labcare, we try to source apparatus which gives researchers and technicians the option to have smaller units which are dedicated to their use, and that includes centrifuge equipment.  When you have your own small centrifuge to work with instead of having to book time on a communal device, all work is expedited and the amount of transitional clean up, recalibrating etc, is kept to a minimum.

We know how important calibration is, we offer services to guarantee the reliability of various types of equipment and our customers rely on our professionalism.  Fortunately, centrifuge calibration is simple to effect and these user-friendly devices make it even easier.  By providing a range of options including interchangeable rotors for different sizes of tubes, they will make it possible to conduct most basic analytical or preparatory separations without even leaving your desk.  If high speed or large volume centrifugation is required, then larger devices should be used.

With more convenient ways to perform routine processes like centrifugation lab experiment time can be optimised.  In the same way, when the workload can be spread across several machines which all have their own specific features, everyone can get on with their projects in a timely fashion.  Contact us to learn more about our centrifuge range.